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Genetic variations, followed by changes in phenotype level in the SARS-CoV-2, lead to different virus behaviors. These behaviors sometimes affect the vaccinated community's mortality rate, prevalence, and resistance to the virus. Also, the emergence of new variants of this virus is an alarm for Physicians because of 2 major problems:

1) Diagnostic kites; The main part of each diagnostic kit is primer. If the primer's target changes through the mutation process, the kit couldn't be reliable. So, the primer should be designed based on highly conserved regions.

2) Therapeutic approaches; many physicians based on virus genotype prescribe distinctly therapeutic approaches.

So, identifying different variants of this disease assists in adopting the most appropriate treatment according to the indications and other parameters of the patient.



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Youping Deng
Pro of Hawaii University
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Karim Rahimian
Bioinformatics Expert
M.A Mahmanzar
Bioinformatics Expert
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Molecular Cell Biologist
Ehsan Arefian
Molecular Cell Biologist
Donna Lee Kuehu
Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering

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